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Privacy Policy

Simple Life Innovative Consultants WLL is committed to protecting data and respect user privacy by not sharing user data with any entity nor collecting data for any other purpose except for processing user requests / services via provided services in our software product(s), SimplyMedBooking.

No data will be shared with any organization unless referred to in this Policy and all collected data will be solely for the purpose of providing best quality services to users and relevant to requested service and for what is necessary to offer requested service.

By using offered services, you have confirmed the following:

  1. You have read and understood the content of privacy policy.
  2. You agree to the collection and usage of information in accordance with this privacy policy.
  3. And you are over 18 years of age.

If you are not in agreement with this policy you must and should not use our offered services and decline accepting this policy.

This policy describes how Simple Life Innovative Consultants WLL collect and process user personal data. This policy describes:

  1. Collection of personal data.
  2. Cookies and similar technologies.
  3. Disclosure of personal data
  4. Access and control of personal data
  5. Data Retention
  6. Data Transfer.
  7. Service Providers and their services.
  8. Links to Other Sites
  9. Children Privacy
  10. Update to this Policy
  11. Contact us

1. Collection of Personal Data

Personal data is any data that can be used to identify an individual. Personal data is collected where required for processing user requests and it will never be used for advertisement nor sold to third party. Only needed data is collected. Information to collect can be at registration, requesting support, and / or requesting a service. Only required information will be collected and processed. We don’t collect and store credit card information. Credit card information is used ONLY to process payment for a requested service but never stored in our system.

System will store personal information and information required by service provider to deliver requested service. Each service provider can only view his / her own information only. Even if a provider has multiple branches information is not shared between branches. Also, system collect information for user dependents where required. Dependent information will be collected whenever a user will request a service on behalf of a dependent that is registered in the system. User may be required to provide personal information to a service provider. Personal information are shared only with service providers, any other information provided by user to a service provider is specific and limited to this provider.

When using our system, basic information will be logged such as date and time logged in, service requested. Logged information will be used to improve user experience and offered services.

Collected personal information may be used for following purposes:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Fulfilling user service request. This include placing a request, servicing the request, and may include personal feedback.
  3. Sending important notices and for contacting user on special orders or services that may interest the user.
  4. To manage and communicating with service providers where required and requested by user.
  5. Improve our offered services.
  6. When requesting support, to verify identify of user.
  7. Mobile number for notification purpose, i.e. send a reminder, confirmation of receiving a service request, delivery of service request, and any related informative message to keep user up to date with his request status, notifying about new services.
  8. To provide customer support and care

We may also collect information on how offered services are being accessed. Such information may include browser name, Browser type, Computer Internet Protocol Address (Ip address), time and date of your visit, and time spent using our service.

Personal information will be kept as long as is required by law or as required for fulfilling user request. Whenever the information is no longer needed it will be permanently deleted. Access to user collected information is limited to our authorized employees for providing support and resolving technical issues and for service providers to process user requested service.

Access to information is limited to user and to the provider from which user requested a service. User information will be available to user at any time to be collected via report or viewing in provided software system. No information will be disclosed unless stated in this Policy or if it is mandatory and required by law, prevent fraud, protect user safety and interest.

Collected data require your consent. Consent is granted at registration. Kindly read carefully privacy policy and terms and conditions before agreeing to privacy and terms / conditions of usage of our system.

User registration require user to provide Date of Birth and must be correct to prevent any user under the age of Eighteen (18) from registering and gaining access to system. It is the responsibility of the user to provide accurate Date of Birth and with correct information. Users under the age of 18 should not be registered and should be enrolled under a registered user as dependents. This include as well users over the age of eighteen than can be enrolled as dependents under the registered user account.

2. Cookies and Similar Technologies

A cookie is a text file stored by a web server on a computer or mobile device. The content of a cookie can be retrieved or read only by the server that creates the cookie. The text in a cookie often consists of identifiers, site names, and some numbers and characters. Cookies are unique to the browsers or mobile applications you use, and enable websites to store data such as your preferences or items in your shopping cart. Currently we don’t use any cookies except session cookie. Cookies may be used later on to improve offered services.

3. Disclosure of Personal Data

Simple Life Innovative Consultants WLL does not share any data with any third party nor sell information for purpose of financial gain, or for advertisements. User Data will be shared with service providers and will be accessible by service provider whenever a user requests a service from a provider. Disclosure of data is limited to requested service and history of user data with selected provider. No data will be shared with business partners.

We may appoint subcontractors or external processors, they will process the data on our behalf and based on our direction, and shall adopt suitable contractual provisions to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Personal data may be disclosed in good faith:

  1. To be in compliance with applicable laws.
  2. In response to legal request, information may be disclosed to law enforcements, agencies, or any other government agency.
  3. To protect against legal liability.
  4. To prevent or investigate possible wrong doing in connection with offered services
  5. To protect personal safety of users of the service or the public.

4. Access and control of personal data

User is responsible for submitting correct and valid personal information. Simple Life Innovative Consultants WLL is committed and dedicated to maintain accurate user data as entered by user. User will have access to his / her own information as required by law, request to update personal information, correct personal information, ask to delete personal data including service data from our repository.

Request to delete personal information and collected service information must be in writing and will be validated by staff with concerned user before any deletion of user personal information. Deletion request may be denied if it is deemed that the request is fraudulent (request submitted by unauthorized user), suspicious of fraud activity, or where required by law or to be in compliance with applicable laws.

If applicable by law, you may request to withdraw your consent at any time. However, the withdrawal of consent does not affect already collected and processed data nor it does affect any processing of data based on another justification other than your consent.

Access to data will be via registered and authenticated user account. User must be registered using valid email ID, accept term and condition, authenticated before access can be granted to system. Registered email ID and password may be used to gain access to system

Training and awareness are provided to employees on security and data protection to raise awareness on protection of data. Simple Life Consultants is committed and strive to protect collected information and it is worthy to note that no security measure / control (whether technical / Management) is a perfect control that will prevent all attempts to gain unauthorized access or jeopardize integrity of data.

Security controls and measures are implemented, but remember no method of data transmission over the Internet is 100% secure.

5. Data Retention


Security and integrity of personal data is very critical and important to us. We use appropriate controls (technical, physical, management) to protect user personal data from unauthorized access, disclosure of data, damage, or loss of data. Encryption is used where required by law or on sensitive information, Technical solutions to prevent attacks and gain unauthorized access, and access controls to prevent unauthorized access to user personal information. Also, access to data is restricted to authorized employee and based on the need.

Personal information will be retained as required by law and to be able to process user service request. Personal information will be retained as long as it is necessary for the sole purpose of processing user service request. Data retention will be based on applicable law or based on user request. Whenever a user request to delete personal data, then personal data will be kept for specific period of time, no more than 6 months, in system before full and permanent deletion of member information is carried out. Retention period will take into consideration capability to process user service request, maintaining required records (either by law or for processing service requests), ability to improve service performance and quality of service, handling user queries, complaint processing and history, providing support whenever requested by user, and for any pending legal action or request from government agencies.

User account information will be retained as long as the user is registered and account is active. Account information will be permanently deleted if user submit a request to cancel account and to delete account information. If user submit a request to only cancel the account then account information will remain in system, however, accuracy and integrity of data will be protected.

6. Data Transfer

Simple Life Innovative Consultants WLL will only transfer data for following purpose:

  1. Upgrade of system.
  2. Change of technology to improve service quality and performance.
  3. In case of re-location.
  4. Backup of existing data in system and storing in safe and secure location.
  5. Rehosting of system on cloud with another cloud hosting service provider.

Simple Life Innovative Consultants WLL will inform user and service provider whenever a data transfer is required for above named reasons with the exception of taking backup and storing backed up data in safe and secure location for sole purpose of ensuring business continuity.

Simple Life Innovative Consultants WLL will implement all necessary steps to ensure data being transferred is being transferred in safe and secure manner and data integrity is maintained.

7. Service Providers and their Services

Service providers may collect information required to process user service request. Collected information may include personal information, contact details, address, medical information, national ID, and any other data may be deemed appropriate to be collected to process user service request.

Simple Life Innovative Consultants WLL has no control over collected information by providers nor it can control / prevent sharing of information collected by provider with another provider.

8. Links to Other Sites

Our services may contain links to other web sites. If you click on a link you will be directed to that third-party link. These links are not operated and maintained by Simple Life Innovative Consultants WLL. We urge you and strongly recommend to read / review each web site privacy policy you visit.

We have no control over these websites nor we will assume any responsibility for the content, privacy policy, and / or practices of any third party or services.

9. Children Privacy

Offered services do not address any person under the age of 18. Registered users must be over 18 years of age. Registered users can enroll their children under their registered account as dependent and request service on their behalf. Collected information will be the same as listed in collection of personal data section.

If you became aware that your child(ren) has registered / provided personal information without your consent please contact us and we will take steps to remove provided information by your child(ren) from our system.

10. Update to this Policy

Simple life Innovative Consultants WLL reserve the right to update this policy at any time. Latest release will be available on our website. Registered users may be notified via email, SMS, or by posting on our website release note.

11. Contact Us

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us by email:


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